Beyond PDF

A PDF to read more, or would prefer to get the same information in a short video?
In addition to Google we are looking more and more often on Youtube.
If the same content is obtained from a video, then it is

  • comfortable
  • visually exciting
  • dynamic
  • easily understandable
  • entertaining

Call your customers and partners by a video! We prepare this video for you!

Where can you present the video?

Prezivideos can be uploaded to a web page, intranet or video sharing sites. Videos can be played on computer, tablet or cell phone.

What purpose can be made of the video?

• Create eLearning Content • Conversion of existing traditional curriculum into eLearning Content • Create Training Videos about Softwares • Create Training Videos for Employees • Create Video Tutorials and User Manuals for Webshops • and many other reasons, which we did not even mind


Spectacular video instead of a PDF.


Easily understandable, dynamic and entertaining.

Device Independence

Videos can be played on computer, tablet or cell phone.


Video File Format, that can be embedded in a web page.

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